Mt. Citrus

Climbing Mountains

Indulge in the vibrant fusion of euphoria and creativity with our star strain. Masterfully cultivated, this hybrid strain stands as a testament to the art of fine cannabis cultivation. Weaving together the best qualities from acclaimed strains like Chemdog, Sour Diesel, Super Skunk, White Widow, and Purple Urkle, Mt. Citrus promises a riveting journey of uplifting exhilaration and balanced enjoyment—a true embodiment of our relentless pursuit of cannabis excellence.


Teases the palate with a dynamic orchestra of tangy citrus, earthy pine, and a sweet, floral finish.

Mt. Citrus


Sensational Harmony: Mt. Citrus

Elevation in Every Puff

Unleash the power of balance and stimulation with Mt. Citrus. Every puff boasts a harmonious blend of potent euphoria and ignited creativity. This hybrid strain sparks an uplifting mood, encouraging the mind to soar while keeping the body grounded—an exquisite intertwining of relaxation and invigoration that will leave a memorable impression.


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